THC Masterbatch Ltd.

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    THC Masterbatch Ltd.

    7-9-11-13 53A Street, Tan Tao Ward, District Binh Tan

    +84 8 62539704

    THC offers a wide variety of white masterbatches formulations and can be tailor made to customer’s specific requirements with concentration of up to 70% titanium dioxide. Our white masterbatches have excellent dispersion property and provide maximum opacity, brightness, and gloss. It is commonly used in various manufacturing processes including: Blown Film Blow molding Injection molding Sheet extrusion Cast film Lamination ((Paper, PP Yarn, etc...) Extrusion coating THC has also developed higher quality grades that supply for specialty applications such as: Fiber Diapers film Lamination (Paper, PP Yarn, etc...) High speed thin gauge film



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